To create a video, she chooses a cultural icon and portrays a certain aspect or event of their lives.
For example, she recreated
the scenario of a meeting between
Andy Warhol and David Bowie as  one of the first videos she ever made. She didn't have a video camera, so she used her computer's pinhole camera, and made,

“Andy Warhol’s Silver Factory.”
McBride’s paintings are a huge part of her work as an artist, as is the method she uses to paint — often she avoids paintbrushes and uses only her hands. Even so, her portraits are detailed and composed, with special attention to emotion conveyed through the eyes. Specifically, she has painted the King of the Delta Blues, Robert Johnson a few times, portraying his eyes differently from one to the next.

In Kim's videos, her amazing ability to divulge herself so deeply into reanimating famous personas is more like channeling the personalities rather than impersonating them or performing conventional impressions. Kim's immense and intense energy that she puts into her interpretations of these personalities is too close to their own idiosyncrasies that make them so alive in the eyes of the world with such a realness, that it borders on spooky (in a good way).

Below are photos of Kim as (from left to right)
Kurt Cobain, Jerry Hall & Bryan Ferry, Farrah Fawcett, Jared Leto, Priscilla Presley, and Elvis Presley:

Being the creatively energetic artist that she is, Kim has an acute eye for the little details that make her videos outstanding. Her attention to such "little things" is what embosses her videos, pulling them from the two-dimensional realm of the motion picture, to the three dimensional reality, that make her interpretations of Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe or Iggy Pop so much like watching them in person. Her fearlessness when it comes to breaking rules in her videos; her infamous quick edits and choice of soundtracks; her incredible grasp of atmosphere and ambiance, all combine to give viewers an experience as opposed to us just passively watching. It's what makes Kim's videos, whether they be artsy, comedic, or homage...addictive.

Kim's spending time in Woodstock, NY right now with her husband Allen. The rock and roll loving town is a perfect fit for her art forms.
Kim was born in New York City, and lived in
Riverdale, NY, until she moved to La Jolla,
CA to live with her mother, Margret, and her

After high school, Kim moved to Los Angeles,
to attend fashion design school,
but found it wasn't a fit.
And instead wrote a novel about her experiences
in the club scene, called Plastics.

Kim's father, Tom Sauer, was a stock trader in Bay Head, NJ, and one of the funniest, most sarcastic men you'd ever meet. When he died at the age of 56, Kim was drawn to the stage, and became a stand-up comedian,
thinking it was a way to live for her father, she became a regular at the Comedy Store, working with comedians like Bobby Lee, who always said, Kim, you're punk rock.
Her art work now is something
   she considers true to who she
     really is- a pop-culture junkie.

Kim's videos are created completely by Kim —there are no other actors, editors or designers.
Kimberly McBride:
Celebrity Induced Necromantic Multi Medium Artist